How to reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint

How to reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint

Sustainability is something that every business fleet owner should be taking seriously in today’s climate. Not only is it beneficial for the environment, it can also be a major selling point for your business, as an increasing amount of people are looking to conduct business with more ethical, eco-friendly brands.

Why should fleet owners be taking sustainability seriously?

You don’t just need to take our word for it; consumer goods giant Unilever concluded that their more sustainable brands, such as Dove and Ben & Jerry’s, grew 50% faster than their less sustainable brands and accounted for 60% of their overall growth in 2016

Unilever also conducted a survey of 20,000 adults across five countries which concluded that 33% of people buy products they believe is environmentally beneficial, whilst 1 in 5 said that they would buy more from a brand if they made their efforts to be sustainable clearer.

However, if your business relies on a fleet of fuel-burning vehicles to do most of your work, then it can be a challenge to determine just how you can become more sustainable. Switching to electric vehicles is certainly an option, however, not every business can afford a new fleet and it’s not always the most convenient method.

Investing in telematic software for your fleet is a much more economic option which will allow you to monitor the actions of your fleet and take the correct actions to improve fuel efficiency.

Monitoring your drivers can lead to reduced fuel usage

By actively monitoring your drivers’ habits on the road, you can help cut down on unnecessary fuel usage. Bad driving habits include sharp acceleration and braking, driving in the incorrect gear and speeding. In fact, cars driving at 80mph use up to 25% more fuel than one travelling at 70mph, so reaching their destination slightly faster could be causing your drivers to burn through much more fuel than necessary, costing you money and resulting in excess emissions.

By monitoring your drivers speed, idle time, driving routes and times, as a fleet owner you can use our telematic solutions to curb negative fleet habits and increase your sustainability by reducing fuel consumption.

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