Trading Terms & Equipment Warranty Policy

Who we are-
EAGLE EYES UK. LTD is a limited company registered in England No. 10832062.
EAGLE EYES UK. LTD trades under the names, Eagle Eyes, Eagle Eyes Dashcams, and Eagle Eyes DashCams and Telematics.
The Company registered office is-
Unit 36A, New Forest Enterprise Centre Chapel Lane, Southampton, Hampshire. SO40 9LA England
VAT registration-
Eagle Eyes UK. Ltd is registered for VAT in the UK under 274-857-948 all prices stated are subject to VAT at prevailing rate or as stated.

Eagle Eyes UK. LTD Trading Terms

All equipment supplied is purchased from third party suppliers. All orders from Eagle Eyes to its suppliers, unless stated otherwise, are placed when orders are received. A lead-time of three working days must then be allowed for dispatch. All equipment is dispatched by overnight courier for next working day delivery at a cost of £10 which is included in the equipment cost.

Special Order & Upgrade Equipment-
From time to time request that our systems are supplied with hardware that we do not ordinarily provide. Where an equipment upgrade is requested by a customer it will be provided on the basis that if then rejected or cancelled for any reason whatsoever:

  • the full equipment cost will be borne by the customer if the equipment has been installed into a vehicle;
  • 50% of the full equipment cost will be borne by the customer if the equipment has been ordered and cannot then be cancelled with the supplier at no charge.

Special Orders and those for upgraded equipment unless stated otherwise, are placed when orders are received with a lead-time of five working days for supply.

System and Equipment Order Cancellation-
Our EE-1.0, EE-2.0, EE-2.2, EE-4, EE-5.5 & EE-5.5G systems include bespoke system programming which is provided in the three working day lead-time. System programming adjusts the parameters and functionality of the system to customer or industry requirement and specification.

Where a system is cancelled after order acceptance and system programming has taken place:

  • a nominal charge of £55+vat per system to cover system programming;
  • a charge of £10 per order to cover supplier return transportation cost;
  • and the original delivery cost.

Will be deducted from any refund due.

There will be no deduction from any refund due where a system has not yet been ordered from supplier.

Installation Cancellation-
Installation cancellation will be accepted from customers:

  • with no charge where a minimum of three working days notice is given prior to the installation date;
  • at a cost to the customer of the full-installation charge agreed where three days or more notice is not provided with this amount deemed as a cancellation charge.

The installation charge then due must be paid prior to the installation being re-booked.

System and Equipment Cancellation after installation-
Where a cancellation takes place after equipment is installed into a vehicle:

  • a standard de-installation service call must be booked with Eagle Eyes UK Ltd at a customer cost of £75+vat to remove the equipment from the vehicle.

Payment of this charge must be made prior to engineer attendance. This charge is not redeemable by the customer.

Monthly Portal Access & Data
Our EE-2.0, EE-2.2, EE-4.0, EE-5.5 & EE-5.5G systems require portal access to view vehicle data and camera footage. Data is transmitted using a mobile data connection. Both the portal access and data are charged on a quarterly basis in advance. Customers will pay the monthly subscription charge as depicted in Monthly Subscription Charges.

All customers will be charged for the quarterly amount for Monthly Portal Access and Data at time of purchase. This charge will allow customer access to the service for a period equal to ninety days. Subsequent subscription charges will be collected by Direct Debit as detailed in Subscription Collection.

Monthly Subscription Charges-
The following charges apply with the data allowance stated. Bespoke data tariffs are available at additional cost where supplementary data is required.



Monthly portal access & data connection charge-£10£10£10£9.50
Monthly data included in tariff-500mb500mb500mb250mb

Subscription Collection-
As stated, payments for Monthly Portal Access & Data Connection will be collected on a quarterly basis in advance. Subscription invoices due for a period of three months will be issued to Customers fifteen days prior to the end of their present subscription period by email. The payment stated due will then be collected by Eagle Eyes UK. Ltd fifteen days later using the Direct Debit process setup on the customers nominated bank account.

Monthly Portal Access & Data Connection Agreement-
It is a proviso of supply of service for Monthly Portal Access & Data connection that customers will agree to be bound by terms in the Monthly Portal Access & Data Connection Agreement. As stated in that agreement-

  • The Monthly Portal Access & Data Connection Agreement for will be signed by all customers for a minimum period of 12 months and up to 60 months with service commencing the installation provision date;
  • The monthly subscription charge includes a maximum inclusive data allowance as stated of 250mb for our EE-2.0 model and 500mb for our EE-5.5, EE-5.5G, EE-4.0 and EE-2.2 models;
  • Additional data utilised above that included in the monthly subscription plan will be charged at the rate stated in the Monthly Portal Access & Data Connection Agreement with those charges invoiced to the customer monthly in arrears and claimed utilising the Direct Debit method in place;
  • Initial Monthly Portal Access & Data Connection cost will be charged quarterly in advance at point of sale with a Direct debit then set-up on the customers bank account to allow quarterly in-advance collection thereafter;
  • Customer access credentials are provided once unit provisioning is finalised. These credentials will allow access to the portal through a web browser or free mobile app.

Eagle Eyes UK. LTD Equipment Warranty Policy

Equipment Warranty-
All equipment supplied by Eagle Eyes UK. Ltd is covered by our suppliers back to base 12-month warranty, where equipment must be returned to their head office for testing. Faulty equipment will be exchanged by return of post at no customer charge.

  • Equipment established as tampered with, broken, damaged or found to have been modified in any way will be returned to the customer with a charge of £35+vat (to cover testing, postage and packaging costs);
  • We are not able to offer refunds or cover postage and packaging costs for equipment returned for testing.

Installation Warranty-
All engineers provided by Eagle Eyes UK. Ltd are accredited in the installation of the equipment they provide. Where equipment is purchased from Eagle Eyes UK. Ltd all installation works undertaken are guaranteed for a period of 12-months from date of installation.

  • Where an installation fault occurs a service call will be scheduled at a customer cost of £75+vat. This amount allows for engineer attendance for one hour where fault detection (diagnosis, its nature and liability) will be determined, and then where possible remedial works will be completed. Additional time required to complete this process will be charged at £65+vat per hour or part thereof.

A full refund of the service call cost will be made to the customer where the fault found is attributed to faulty installation workmanship. On diagnosis parts attributed to a fault where originally supplied by Eagle Eyes UK. Ltd within a period of two years, will also be replaced at no additional charge to the customer.

There will be no customer service call refund where;

  • it is proven that equipment damage is due to user misuse, error, tampering or modification;
  • the fault occurs outside of the 12-month installation warranty period;
  • the fault found proven to be caused by another party;
  • an engineer attends, and no fault is found;

Extended and Full On-Site warranty-
Extended warranty is available after the manufacturers period, for up to ten years, with full on-site warranty also available. Both products are provided by Eagle Eyes UK. Ltd through their hardware suppliers at additional cost. Full prices are available upon request.

All warranty is immediately invalidated where equipment, which has been installed, is removed by any person not authorised by Eagle Eyes UK. Ltd or in the event that the equipment is found to have been altered in any way

We do not offer any warranty on products not purchased direct from us.
In all case your legislative rights re not effected in terms of our Warranty Policies & Guarantees here stated.